Have music to share?

KSCU welcomes non-commercial music submissions of all kinds. As The Underground Sound, we relish and take seriously our mission of supporting deserving artists unrecognized by mainstream radio.

Submission Guidelines

Enclose CDs in standard jewel case/digipak packaging with a clear spine label. Avoid, if possible, sending CDs in sleeves as they can (and do) get lost in the shuffle.
A copy of your release and a thorough one-sheet about you and the music is plenty. Extras such as lengthy press clippings or unwieldy folders make organization difficult and typically delay review of your material.
Every band cannot have a sound all their own. Avoid such cliches and be accurate yet creative in promoting your release.

Address for Submissions

Please send a copy of your CD or record to the following address:
KSCU Student Radio
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real, #3207
Santa Clara , CA 95053
Attn: Music Department


Music Director
Email: music@kscu.org
Phone: 1-408-554-4907